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Grafitti Wood

GRAFFITI WOOD is the new member of the Graffiti family. Its wood surface texture adds extra hand feel and dimension to your printed collaterals.  Inheriting the special surface treatment from the family, the paper keeps its brilliant ink hold out while offering in an elegant touch.


Finish: Wood textured surface

Characteristics: A textured uncoated surface with enhanced surface treatment for optimum color reproduction

Applications: books, brochures, magazines, leaflets, direct mailers

Code No. Sub. Weight Color Finish Size FSC™ Recycled Low carbon
RA120WO-4F 120 gsm White Wood 787x1092mm - -
RA170WO-4F 170 gsm White Wood 787x1092mm - -
RA240WO-4F 240 gsm White Wood 787x1092mm - -
RA290WO-4F 290 gsm White Wood 787x1092mm - -
  • Environmental Features
  • FSC™Mix 70%
    Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
    Acid Free
    Lignin Free

  • Remarks
  • Second Dimension = Grain Direction 

    Information subject to change according to mill's latest updates
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