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Graffiti Smooth
Graffiti are well-known for its bold colours, appealing composition and uncompromised styles. ‘Graffiti Enhanced Surface Paper’ is a rich medium for unrestricted expression of ideas and statements, giving you a matt surface with bold colour reproduction 




Finish: Smooth finish

Characteristics: An smooth uncoated surface with enhanced surface treatment for optimum color reproduction

Applications: books, brochures, magazines, leaflets, direct mailers

Code No. Sub. Weight Color Finish Size FSC™ Recycled Low carbon
RA100WT-2F 100 gsm White Smooth 635x965mm - -
RA100WT-4F 100 gsm White Smooth 787x1092mm - -
RA125WT-2F 125 gsm White Smooth 635x965mm - -
RA125WT-4F 125 gsm White Smooth 787x1092mm - -
RA165WT-2F 165 gsm White Smooth 635x965mm - -
RA165WT-4F 165 gsm White Smooth 787x1092mm - -
RA195WT-2F 195 gsm White Smooth 635x965mm - -
RA195WT-4F 195 gsm White Smooth 787x1092mm - -
RA245WT-4F 245 gsm White Smooth 787x1092mm - -
RA275WT-4F 275 gsm White Smooth 787x1092mm - -
  • Environmental Features
  • FSC™Mix 70%
    Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF)
    Acid Free
    Lignin Free
  • Remarks
  • Second Dimension = Grain Direction 

    Information subject to change according to mill's latest updates
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