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Cyclus Print

Cyclus Print is a 100% recycled, FSCTM Recycled Certified, matt-coated, natural white fine printing paper, especially suitable for publications with a combination of large text areas and high quality pictures. Its subtle shade is easy on the reader’s eye.

Finish: Matt coated fine paper

Characteristics: Made of 100% recycled fibres & FSC Recycled

Applications: Catalogue, Magazines, Brochure, Promotional Print, Poster, Direct Mail, etc.

Code No. Sub. Weight Color Finish Size FSC™ Recycled Low carbon
CP080-1F 80 gsm White Smooth 900x640mm 100%
CP090-1F 90 gsm White Smooth 900x640mm 100%
CP100-1F 100 gsm White Smooth 900x640mm 100%
CP130-1F 130 gsm White Smooth 900x640mm 100%
CP300-1F 300 gsm White Smooth 920x640mm 100%
  • Environmental Features
  • FSCRecycled
    100% Recycled Fiber (Min. 85% post-consumer waste) 
    Processed Chlorine Free (PCF)
    Low Carbon Made

    Acid Free


    The Blue Angel
    EU Flower

  • Remarks
  • Second Dimension = Grain Direction

    Information subject to change according to mill’s latest updates

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